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Up to the date.


School has commenced. Let the nerd out. She demands freedom.

Shannon and I had our wonderful six month anniversary. Her gift to me was a pool session at the therapy clinic(?) she works at and it was amazing. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. I am so grateful. I love her. 

I gave her a GurglePot (YAYS) which is awesome. If you don't know what that is (lookitup), it's a pitcher shaped like a fish that gurgles when you pour water. I promise it's not as stupid as it sounds. I also wrote her a poem in true English nerd fashion.

If you want to see the nerdiness.Collapse )

So, that was pretty amazing. Of course, nothing that we had planned for our date really worked out, but oh well. That's life.

Drag show last night (w00t), so that was fun. I participated in the motorboat deflowering of two wonderful ladies. One had never motorboated someone and the other had never been motorboated (which flabbergasted me).

For English 326 (Applied Grammar for Teachers), we had to make a blog. So, of course, I used LJ (cause it's awesome). And now I think YOU (don't think I can't see you there) should go read it. Right here: ssgrammar 


Do it.

Love you.


Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?
Birth - Mountlake Terrace
Pre-School - Lynnwood (behind Alderwood)
1/2 1st grade - Lynnwood (by CycleBarn)
2/2 1st grade - Omak
2nd - 4th grade - Lynnwood (Meadowdale Apts)
5th, 6th & 1/2 7th grade - Mountlake Terrace (w/ grandparents)
2/2 7th - 10th grade - Arlington
11th & 12th - Everett
College - Pullman

I've moved a lot. That list includes 10 schools.

Happy Anniversary, Sam!

This month marks one year since I came out.

It's weird how quickly it passed by. It seems like I was struggling with this all yesterday.
Oh, wait, that's because I was. Not in the "Oh lord, am I gay?" way, but dealing with being gay. Some people just... I don't understand some people out there.

Anyways, I didn't want this to be a rant, I just wanted to acknowledge it, since it's so important (at least to me).

Happy one-year gay anniversary, Sam. May you celebrate many many more!


I'm not sure how I feel.

Today, Washington state passed the 'everything but marriage' bill that gives same-sex couples all the same rights as heterosexual couples. This will change all statutes in which previously, only married hetero couples had been mentioned. All the same benefits and rights of married people will be extended to same-sex partnerships.

While one part of me is incredibly happy that people I know are finally receiving the rights they deserve, another part of my brain is screaming "SEPARATE IS NOT EQUAL!" If we are being given ALL the same rights as marriage and the same ideas, then why not call it 'Marriage'? OH YEA, cause we're second class citizens.

Isn't that really what's being said here? "I'll let you be my girlfriend, you just can't tell ANYONE!" Like it's something to be ashamed of.

I'm just not sure which side of this I fall on. I'm glad that the GLBT community is little by little gaining more rights, but the recognition and validation is so needed right now, that I... I just don't know.

What do you think? 


What will become of the beaver?

Today, I saw a beaver. He was just clinging to the bank of a stream as if his little life depended on it. Which is odd, because a good stream is a beaver's livelihood. They thrive in the water. Without it, what would a beaver be? And it made me think; why do we cling to things we don't need? What is it about these things that makes us feel good? Is it their superfluousness that makes us feel as if we are in a state of abundance? Is it the fact that they are extraneous, even, that causes the appeal; is it just the need to have?

This poor little beaver was just hanging on the the bank. He could have let go and just been a beaver. Splashing around in the water; building a little dam.

Are we passing on our greed and need to own to others? What will happen then?

Sorry that was kind of depressing. I was just thinking.

Isn't it funny how we do that?

You know when you stress yourself out over something and worry and worry and then, in the end, turns out you never needed to in the first place? I totally just did that.

So, Shannon and I started out casual. Expressly and decidedly casual. We weren't in a relationship, we were just having fun. That's how it was supposed to be. No strings.

Well, then we spent time holding hands and going out for ice cream and meeting eachother's friends. I don't think that was part of the plan.

And then... oh then... I realized I LIKED her. WAY more than I probably should have or ever intended to. RUH ROH. She did not sign on for feelings. I figure I'm screwed. This is where all the worrying comes in. I was sure that I could never tell her or she would want to end it. We weren't supposed to LIKE eachother. That wasn't in the contract.

Then I spent the next two days crying about it.

So, going against my friends' advice, I decided to just keep my mouth shut. I'd rather have the amorphous thing we had than nothing at all.

But then it somehow came up. Oops. And for the record, she brought it up, not me. And we realized... WHOA. We're ACTUALLY on the SAME PAGE. She likes me too. And we had a two hour conversation about it. And when we hung up... we were in a relationship.

And I spent all that time worrying that if she found out we'd have to stop seeing eachother.
Time well wasted.

Long story short, Samantha got herself a girlfriend :) And only had to stumble into an accidental conversation to get there.

After all my efforts...

... my plans have been foiled.

I was absolutely determined to not get hooked on The L Word. I knew that if I watched it there was a large chance I'd like it and the last thing I need is another TV show.

Damn Shannon and her cuteness and her need to be taken care of.

I went over to her place to take care of her last night cause she's super sick. It was sad. I sat with her while she took a bath, and that helped, but I still feel so bad. Then we curled up and what did she put in? The L Word. Season One. Perfect place to HOOK someone.

And now.... oh, now... I am kinda hooked.

Damn Dana and her hot new hair and her sexy CSI-star girlfriend. Ugh... so, I must go, so I will update this later.

I need L Word icons!


Drag Show, baby!!

So, saturday was AWESOME.
Beyond awesome. The ladyfriend and I went to a drag show and had WAY TOO MUCH queer fun. I also brought my straight best friend along and she had a blast too.

I bought this new shirt that shows a LOT of cleavage and that was HOT. Especially since I never wear stuff like that. It was so awesome. It was black and short sleeved and see-through lace at the top and.. well... it's hard to explain. But I looked sexy as hell. I was even being stopped by gay boys. So... anyways...

Shannon (the ladyfriend) knows just about EVERYONE who's anyone at these shows, so she knew all the queens and wasbeing stopped by everyone. That was awesome. I met a shit ton of people. And Molly (the best friend) was making friends too. Shannon and I danced and DIDN'T GET WEIRD LOOKS when we kissed. THAT was incredible. Homophobes suck.

There were two sets for the queens to perform, and they were just great. Very good.

OH! And my new friend Keegan was there. He's in Jessica's class with me and he's just the most awesome gay boy ever. We had tons of fun dancing and joking around. It was great.

Then, since Shannon knew everyone, we got invited to the after party. A few of the queens were there and some other people (everyone there was gay, that was cool) and one of the queens was starring at my chest and Shannon was like... what are you doing? And she (the queen) goes "Now THAT is a rack! I'm jealous!" and it was awesome. And apparently when we first got there, she mouthed "Oh my god! She's so cute!" to Shannon (about me).

It was so much fun. I can't even adequately describe the night. Definitely one for the books!!




I think I hit my head on the ceiling when her name was called out.

Have I mentioned that I'm totally in love with her?


Like... I don't know what say other than IT'S ABOUT TIME!
Kate Winslet won.
Congrats, Kate. You REALLY really deserved it.

Cause I'm bored.

Cause every one else is :\

This way to the meme!Collapse )

Wow. Been a while for some of those people!